Saturday, November 8, 2008

World Blitz Championship

First place and the $68,000 was snapped up by Lenier Dominguez-Perez, a talented young GM from Cuba, who scored 11.5/15 against the big boys. The time control was the classical 5 min with no increment.

The other shock of the tournament was the poor result by Judit Polgar finishing in last place.

Here is the chessbase article with the crosstable.

The Follwing position is from the game Gelfand-Dominguez.

the game continued

19...Nxe4 black could play Qxd5 but white regains the queen and wins material by Nxf6+ and the pin along the e-file stops black from capturing the knight. 20.Rxe4?? and Gelfand resigned probably embarassed having just dropped his Queen for free . One of the great skills blitz helps with is quick board vision and sometimes even the best in the world are also only a half move away from terrible blunders.

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Anonymous said...

nice to know even a Super Grandmaster can play bunny moves like us mortals