Monday, November 17, 2008

Palmy's Latest Chess Expert

Congratulation's to Palmerston North Club Champion Justin Davis on breaking the 2000 barrier and officially becoming an Expert rated chess player.

The following position is taken from the latest Wellington rapid in the game N. Croad vs Davis Black to move


Davis said...

Croad vs Davis, Wellington Rapid, Round 2 - Black to move

Black played 26...Bd6 and that throw away his advantage. And later on move 39 Black blunder a rook with both players in time trouble.

One of the first steps in improving is getting good positions against higher-rated players. Next step is to put points on the scoreboard. FM Nic Croad is a very strong player, so I am quite happy to acheived such a position against him. A sign of improvement. Perhaps next time I might even be able to put some points on the scoretable against him.

There is a forced win for Black in the diagram shown.

Can any sharp eye'd players spot what I missed ?

Wanganui's Best. said...

26...Rd5 looks strong, with the idea of Rg5 pinning Queen on g2.And if Bg3 to block then Nxg3 fxe3 and then Bxe3+.
Also there is the added threat of Qxb2 if white prevents Rg5 in some way.Your Bd6 was probably the 2nd best move as white was thinking of a3 to win bishop on c5.