Thursday, May 5, 2011

Waitakere Licensing Trust Chess Open

The biggest tournament before Queenstown in January will be the Waitakere Licensing Trust Open June 4th-6th. Nearly $7000 in prizes and a great way to play people close to you in rating, avoiding the annoying swiss pairings of playing only people alot higher or alot lower rated than you.

All Details can be found here

Palmerston North Blitz Championship

The Blitz tournament is normally the first event every year at the club and finished in March.
Group sections are double round robin
Quarter final best of 3
Semi and Final's best of 5

Group A

Mathew King 4
Jack James 4
Stewaret Holdaway 4
Yuri 0

Group B

Justin Davis 6
Dennis Davey 4
John Baker 2
Jacob Donnelly-King 0

Quarter Finals

Justin - Yuri 3-0
Mathew - John 2-1
Stewart - Dennis 2.5- .5
Jack- Jacob 2-0


Justin - Stewart 3-1
Mathew - Jack 2.5-3.5 (after going up 2.5 to .5 I proceeded to lose all games from then on.)


Justin - Jack 5-0

For four years running I believe Justin Davis takes the title of Palmerston North Chess Club blitz champion.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

North Island Championship

Photo's Courtesy of Shaun Waugh

Turnbull house the excellent venue for the North Island Championship. To the right out of the picture is the Beehive.

Round Two

A former NZ Champion following the games