Thursday, November 13, 2008

Dresden 2008 Round one

Round one and the Open team gets thumped by the lowly rated Trinidad and Tobago 1- 3 . On the plus side the Women's team thrash the lower rated Aruba 4 -0

Open Group

Rank 72 New Zealand (NZL)Rtg - Rank 113 Trinidad & Tob (TRI)
1 : 3

IMDive Russell John 2357- FMHarper Ryan 2233 0 : 1

FMSmith Robert W 2316- FMMerritt Mario 2123 0 : 1

FMNokes Roger I 2293 - FMCave Christo 2250 1 : 0

FMLukey Stephen G 2271 - Singh Ravishen 2084 0 : 1

The position is from the Merritt -Smith game where white was able to execute the nice but obvious blow 26.Nxe5 effectively winning the game. The end of the Dive game is rather unusual and Worth looking up, In the last move of the game Black turns down a forced mate and plays a heavily inferior move but white's position is still resignable. :(

Women's Group

A great start for the Women's team.


Anonymous said...

How does NZ lose 3 - 1 to a lower rated team ???
the NZ Men's team is playing like little girls !
(not counting GM Chandler who didnt play in round 1 and FM Roger Nokes who was the only one to win his game).

The the NZ Womens team are doing amazing !!! Well done ladies !

Maybe the Womens team needs to give the Men's team some coaching !

Palmy Player said...

Clearly its time for the old Guard to step aside and let the new blood though.

Maybe even some Palmy players !

Anonymous said...

In the Dive game, the last move by Black Bc8 was probably him just setting up the board after Dive resigned.Those DGT board can give some strange results.

Anonymous said...

I hope they drug test those Trindad Tobago players.Because we got smoked big time.