Sunday, November 16, 2008

Wellington Rapid

Nic Croad was a lucky but in the end deserved winner of the Wellington Rapid. In a blitz finish with Anthony Ker mid way through the event, Croad, was defending a piece for a pawn down but was able to liquidate all the pawns where Ker's extra piece was useless. After this nobody else was able to catch up.

27 players, 6 Rounds

1st FM Nic Croad 5.5

2nd IM Anthony Ker 5

3rd Edward Lee 4.5

4th= Michael Nyberg 4
Brian Nijman 4
Justin Davis 4
Ross Jackson 4
Ian Sellen 4
Mathew King 4
Lawrence Farrington 4

11th Bill Forster 3.5

12th= Mark Van der Hoorn 3
Stewart Holdaway 3
Andrew Brockway 3
Jeffrey Wu 3
Henry Wylde 3
Anton Reid 3
Savern Reweti 3

Photo's of the event are here

1 comment:

Palmy Chess Fan said...

Congrats to the four Palmy players who played - Justin Davis, Mathew King, Stewart Holdaway and Savern Rewei

I heard Davis missed a win against Tournament Winner FM Nic Croad ! Can we see this position or game ?