Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Olympiad Final Standing's

The New Zealand Open team finished in 97th place a rather unfortunate result. Here is a list of some teams NZ defeated and where they finished just to show what can happen with the pairing system and how flawed it can be. Looking at the final result you would think the NZ open team failed badly but the level of teams played was much higher than say Bosnia & Herzego who finished in 30th place!

Pakistan finished in 67th place and was beaten by NZ 3-1 highest Rank team played Latvia 43.

United Arab Emirates finished in 65th place NZ beat them 3-1, Highest Rank team played Spain 12 in round 9.

New Zealand's big achievement was beating Bosnia & Herzego 3-1, especially when the Aussies a round later where not able to match NZ's achievement. Bosnia & Herzego finished 30th, highest ranked team played was Spain.

The NZ Women's team had a good result finishing in 62nd place just ahead of the much higher ranked Aussie girl's. Their best results must be the tie match with the higher ranked Dominican Republic and the last round victory over Wales would also have been a nice way to end the Olympiad.

The Medals

Gold - Armenia
Silver - Israel
Bronze - United States of America


Gold - Georgia
Silver - Ukraine
Bronze - United States of America

Complete list of prize winners http://www.chessbase.com/newsdetail.asp?newsid=5041
Official site http://www.dresden2008.de/site/de/main.htm

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