Friday, November 21, 2008

Palmerston North Club Championship

Standing's after 9 rounds

M. King 1823 8.5
J. Davis 2019 7
S. Holdaway 1580 5.5
S. Taylor 1605 4
D. Davey 1
J. Kim 0

Davis has two remaining games. The key encounter is this Thursday where he must beat me to try and retain the Club Champ Title and the Ian Barker Trophy. In case of a tie who ever finished better in the qualifying tournament goes through first.

Congratulations to Johan Van Vuuren who has won the B Grade with 2 rounds to spare.


Anonymous said...

Who won on Thursday between Justin and Matthew?

Mathew said...

It was basically over in the first 22 moves. He got smashed, he never had a chance of even an advantage.