Thursday, November 6, 2008

Chess Olympiad 12th-25th November

Looking back at the last Olympiad in Italy 2006 New Zealand teams had a mixed result. The Open team was seeded 79th in 149 teams and finished 91st. The women's team was seeded 84th and finished 80th in 108 teams. One highlight was the NZ Open team almost drawing with the strong American team in round one.
Some notable omission's from the open team for this Olympiad are the strong IM's Garbett, Ker and Wang.
The womens's team will have strong chances to improve on their last Olympiad with top board Helen Milligan representing NZ for the first time and Maroroa and Fairley gaining in experience from the previous olympiads, it is probably NZ's strongest women's team in a long time.

The New Zealand teams are confirmed (in board order) as:
Open Team: GM Murray Chandler, IM Russell Dive, FM Robert Smith, FM Roger Nokes, and FM Stephen Lukey. Team Captain: Hilton Bennett.
Women's Team:
WFM Helen Milligan, WFM Sue Maroroa, Judy Gao, WCM Vivian Smith, WFM Natasha Fairley. Team Captain: John McDonald.

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Rowan Wood said...

IM Ker was unavailable while IM Wang withdrew afer being originally selected.

not on the team said...

a shame for NZ Chess, correct me if I am wrong, but I think this is the first time NZ had a GM on the team. At this great moment in NZ's chess history. A great shame NZ's other IMs are not on board. With IM Ker and IM Wang the NZ Team would have good chances for an outstanding result. ( should be 2 weeks in jail for declining or being unavailable for NZ team - in my opinion )

however the players on the Womens team however look to be the best possble!

go go NZ !!!

Anonymous said...

GM Chandler will "supercharge" the New Zealand team, leading to the best ever result for our team !

Anonymous said...

What cities are the Olympiad players from ? And how do they get selected ?

Mathew said...

If you win the NZ Championship in an olympiad year you get a guaranteed spot. Other players are selected from a team of selectors.

rowan wood said...

Murray Chandler and Bob Smith are in Auckland, Russell Dive in Wellington, Roger Nokes and Stephen Lukey in Christchurch.

All the women's team are from Auckland.