Tuesday, September 23, 2008

A Rook Ending

Somehow I reached this position in the Blitz finish against IM R. Dive
The position is Black to move with 16 seconds ticking down and white has 7 seconds left on his clock with 5 seconds added after every move. Even though I lost this game it was probably the highlight of the tournament for me Just to reach an endgame against one of NZ's strongest is an achievement in itself, and next time I will be more prepared for an ending of this type.

What is your evaluation?


During the game I avoided checking this way thinking I would just push white's king to a better square but this is not the case and harassing the King is one of the best ways to ensure the draw. [1...Kf8 I remember playing this during the game and losing after some more moves]

2.Kf3 Ra3+ 3.Kf4

[3.Kg4 Ra4+ 4.Kxh3 Re4 5.Rg2+ Kh6 6.Rg8 Rxe5 7.Kg4 Re1 8.Kf4 Kh7 9.Rg2 Kh6]

3...Ra4+ 4.Kg5 Re4

[4...Ra3 5.Kg4 Ra4+ 6.Kg5 Ra3 7.Kh4 Re3 8.Kg5 Rxe5 9.Rxh3 f6+]

5.f6+ Kg8 6.Rxh3

[6.Kf5 Rh4 7.Kg5 (7.e6 fxe6+ 8.Kxe6 Kf8=; 7.Rh1 h2 8.Kg5 Rh3 9.Kg4 Rh6=) 7...Re4=]

6...Rxe5+ 7.Kf4 Re1 8.Rg3+ Kh7 9.Kf5 Ra1 10.Rg7+ Kh6 11.Rxf7 Rf1+ 12.Ke6 Re1+ 13.Kd6 Kg6 14.Rf8 Rd1+ =

And we have reached a position similar to the Philidor where white has nowhere to run from the check's and his rook is also unfortunately placed in front of his pawn. So the position is drawn.

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Anonymous said...

to be or not to be !
what an exciting position to reach against an International Master , who is rated 500 above you.