Thursday, September 4, 2008

Palmerston North Qualifying Tournament

Final Standings

1st. M. King 5/5
2nd. S.Taylor 4/5
3rd. J.Davis 3.5/5
4th= S.Holdaway 3/5
7th J. Van Vuuren 2.5/5
8th= T. Lee 2/5
F. Visser
11th. J. Young 1/5
12th D. Kweon 0/5

These were the only players to complete all five rounds

The A Grade who will playing for the Ian Barker Memorial Cup are as Follows

J. Davis 1967
M.King 1853
S.Taylor 1605
S. Holdaway 1580
J. Kim 1358
D. Davey 1309

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