Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Kapiti Rapid Chess Tournament

The Kapiti Rapid will begin in 11 days on a Sunday. It is usually a popular event with many top players attending.

September 21st 2008 - Kapiti Chess Club Rapidplay, Paraparaumu.
Venue: Community Centre, 15 Ngahina Street, Paraparaumu. 6 round open swiss-system, with a time control of 25 minutes each plus an increment of 5 seconds per move.
Entry fee $35; juniors $15. Players must be NZCF-registered. Prizefund: a minimum of $1000. Schedule: begins 9:00am. Contact: Guy Burns, tel. (04) 904 2002, e-mail kapitirapid@hapu.co.nz. This event is a Millennium Hotels Grand Prix class 2 event.

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