Monday, April 9, 2012

Wellington Easter Open

Place Name                  Feder Rtg  Loc  Score Buch.

 1-2  Wastney, Scott        NZL   2300 2372 5      23.5
      Jackson, L. Ross      NZL   1935 2020 5      20.0
  3   Ker, Anthony F        NZL   2324 2451 4.5    21.5
 4-7  Steadman, Michael     NZL   2230 2353 4      23.5
      Zwahr, Paul           GER   2343 2343 4      21.5
      Sellen, Ian           NZL   1981 2069 4      17.0
      Perry, Roger          NZL   2020 2018 4      15.5
8-11  Goodhue, Nathan       NZL   1956 2070 3.5    20.5
      Nyberg, Michael       NZL   1975 2087 3.5    19.5
      King, Mathew          NZL   1966 2003 3.5    19.0
      Roberts, Michael      NZL   1828 1789 3.5    16.0
12-17 Ansell, Alan          NZL   2095 2207 3      22.0
      Mcdonald, John        NZL   2047 2101 3      22.0
      Forster, William      NZL   1906 2004 3      18.0
      Rains, Timothy        NZL   1715 1782 3      18.0
      Rains, Edward         NZL   1846 1881 3      17.5
      James, Jack           NZL        1730 3      17.0
18-20 Nijman, Brian         NZL   2157 2199 2.5    18.5
      Stone, Andrew         NZL   1927 1963 2.5    17.5
      Sims, I Martin        NZL        1860 2.5    17.0
21-24 Timergazi, Layla      NZL        1302 2      16.5
      Shierlaw, Hamish      NZL        1567 2      14.0
      Whittle, Jonathon     NZL        1700 2      13.5
      Mitchell, Robert      NZL   1684 1594 2      13.5
25-28 Metham, Michael       NZL        1115 1.5    16.5
      Farrington, Lawrence  NZL        1809 1.5    15.5
      Cunningham, Patrick D NZL        1331 1.5    15.5
      Luo, Brian            NZL        1244 1.5    14.0

Congratulations to FM Scott Wastney and especially Ross Jackson  on winning the the Wellington Easter Open. The last round was especially entertaining with all top board's going the distance. Ross beating NZ champion and FM Mike Steadman in the last round was a great result for him. The tournament was run well and was quite strong with half the field over 2000. The one complaint I would say is Wellington Club has the habbit of sorting out the grading prizes to last which leaves them open to be accused of fixing results to help their own players. If this is done at the start of the tournament then it would remove any possble accusations.
Jack James was the only Palmy player to win something taking home the C grade prize. I finished the best among  the Palmy club boys losing only to tournament winner Jackson in a very messy game.


CivicChessMan said...

Clubs should just use the Grand Prix classes for grade prizes: u2100, u1800 and u1500, junior and senior.

Not a Robot said...

the problems with doing grades using rating is your not diving up the players into near equal groups
for example - tournament has 33 u1500 players, 3 u1800 players, 1 u2100 players. this makes grades by rating

I agree with Mathew, grade cutoff you be sorted well before the last round.

hats to Wellington for an exciting event and getting the games/pgn out so far. a good example of how it should be done! well done welly boys

Poor Chess player said...

The grading should be done at the earliest opportunity, so after 1st day play you should know what grade you are playing in.Grade prizes are usually silly, better to pool all money into a random entry prize to encourage more entries and everyone who performs better than expected will get more "entries", so if you get Performance rating 1.2 x your own rating then you get 1.2 entries and vice versa.Most of the cheques I have got from grade prizes over the years have hardly been worth the effort to go to bank and bank.

Anonymous said...

I agree Wellington should sort the prizes Well before as it is unprofessional to do it on the day, but as for a random entry Prize, although seems like a good idea, brings me to thinking is the issue not enough active players or not enough players as a whole. On a second point I agree that grade cut offs should be well before the last round. Enjoyable tournament

Anonymous said...

Why do we have a Grand Prix
all the money goes to Aucklanders
as 75% of the tounreys are played there .
How it should work is 1 tounrey per centre and most points wins easy as this way .
this means more players will travel and more enties every one will be happy with this i guess unless you are in Auckland where u get the free cash.
Also if you are running the Grand prix how can you be in the running for prize money as well is that right?

Anonymous said...

My point is not regarding were the money is going but the lack of players in new zealand as a whole, yes it would be nice to have more tournaments around nz but I do question how many People in the Auckland region And around nz would travel as most professionals Have heavy sceduals And faimlys to concider, congress and queenstown have reasonable turn outs but how do we improve the numbers