Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Palmerston North Chess Club Blitz Championship

Congratulation's to Chris Burns on winning the  Palmy Club Blitz (speed chess) Championship.
After being 2 - 0 down in the semi's against John McDonald he was able to win 3 in a row and then comfortably beat Mathew King in the Finals.

Matches are best of 5
Rating's shown are rapid NZCF

Semi Finals

John McDonald 2067 - Chris Burns 2021   Final Score 2 - 3

Mathew King 1930 - Jack James 1773 Final Score 3 - 1


Mathew King 1930 - Chris Burns 2021 Final Score 1 - 3

I was happy to make the finals getting revenge for my loss to Jack last year in the semi final's, but it was far from convincing. I lost the first game with white and was able to win two dubious position's in game's 3 and 4 even blowing a piece in the opening in the last game but struggled on with an attack on Jack's king to win the match.
The finals against Chris started badly with me losing on time with white in a equal position. The second game went well to begin with as I was able to win a nice central pawn but then left the piece enprie that captured the pawn 3 moves later! Even though I won game three it I couldn't break the course of the match and Chris was a deserved winner.

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