Saturday, August 6, 2011

The Strongest ever Palmerston North Club Championship

Since I have been a member of the Palmerston North Chess Club we have the strongest field that I have ever encountered, I would say the strongest of all time unless someone more knowledgeable in Palmy chess can refute my statement. In either case in looks to be an exciting event. It is especially good to see the return of Martin Sims one of the strongest local players and more competent chess organisers in New Zealand.

Round One starts this coming Wednesday the 17th of August. One game per night at a time control of 75 minutes with a one minute increment.
A Grade is a double round robin.
Anyone is welcome to play in the B Grade.

A-Grade entries

1.Chris Burns 2119
5. John McDonald 2114
4. Justin Davis 2082
3. Mathew King 1990
2. James Stewart 1890
6. Jack James 1784

Draw for round one

Chris burns 2119 v Jack James 1784
James Stewart 1890 v John McDonald 2114
Mathew King 1990 v Justin Davis 2082

Round two

Chris Burns 2119 v James Stewart 1890
John McDonald 2114 v Mathew King 1990
Jack James 1784 v Justin Davis 2082

B Grade is an open ended round robin (full details available from club captain) headed by Martin Sims and Stewart Holdaway. The draw will be done on the night but be early to catch it.

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