Sunday, August 28, 2011

Death of the "Dark Horse" Star - Genesis Potini (1965 - 2011)‏

Star of the award winning 2001 documentary "Dark Horse" - Genesis Potini has died of a Heart Attack aged 46 on the 15th August 2011

Genesis Potini - Gisborne's speed chess maestro, specialized in running opponents up against the clock, often trash-talking his way to victory. He was also known as a formidable communicator, a teacher , chess coach and up-front advocate for Mental Health issues.

Widely respected for his phenomenal achievements in promoting the educational benefits of chess, particularly in the poor communities.

Genesis' thoughts on the benefits of chess in education at

Dark Horse Star in action !

Genesis Potini (1613) vs Justin Davis (1647)
Waitakere 2006
White to Play

Black concerned at White's forces aiming at his King, decides to play it safe with 13...h6
but Genesis has seen further and unleashes a nasty surprise ......


Justin Davis said...
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Justin Davis said...

A well respected Chess Personality known though out New Zealand. Perhaps most well known for his enthusiatic work sharing his great love of Chess with Juniors in the Gisborne and Hawkes Bay regions.

Describe in the NZ Hearld as a "Remarkable man"

An all around nice guy, Sincere Condolences to his family, and his many chess friends around New Zealand.

Theres an old saying, that you can measure a Man's Life by the benefit hes been to others. Many thousands of kids have received benefit from Genesis's many years of effort and time spend teaching Chess. We can honestly say Genesis's Life has been a great benefit to thousands of people, and he has made the World a better place because he has lived.

Its been my honor it have known Genesis, With greatest respect to you Genesis my friend I bid you farewell, Rest in Peace.

nate890 said...

Kia Ora Whanau,
Just a message from Nopera and I thanking one and all for the messages of love for my darling. Know that gen died loving life and living it through the game of chess. More then a passion for him but a way of life. I can only hope that somehow Gen's knowledge and gift will live on in our son who unfortunately at 10 months old misses out on the best Dad he could ever have. With fond wishes Natalie and Nopera

Andy Coleman said...

im guessing d4xf6?

Fernando Pinget said...

I saw the movie and I was filled with admiration towards all what he's done for his community, overcoming the negative effects of bipolar disorder. He indeed, left a legacy and as a teacher, made a difference to children.
And the quiz on this page shows that Gen wins at least a piece by taking the Knight on f6 with his bishop, Black can't retake as it would lead to the loss of his Queen with Bishop check on h7.
Fernando Pinget