Thursday, November 18, 2010

NZCF November Active Ratings List

New Zealand Top 10

1. IM Russell Dive 2460
2. IM Anthony Ker 2444 (Current NZ Champion)
3. IM Ben Martin 2427
4. FM Roger Nokes 2383
5. FM Scott Wastney 2375
6. IM Puchen Wang 2372
7. FM Robert Smith 2371 (Current North Island Champion)
8. FM Michael Steadman 2362
9. FM Nic Croad 2346
10. IM Paul Garbett 2328

Palmerston North and Central North Island Top Players

Chris Burns 2145
Justin Davis 2111
John McDonald 2098
Allen Ansell 2050
Prince Vetharaniam 2016
Mathew King 1964
Martin Post 1931
James Stewart 1904
Jack James 1679*
Stepen Taylor 1667
John Ansell 1320

Other Players do not have an active rating or only have a rapid rating

*Provisional rating

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Sadly Post and Talyor have moved to Aussie.

Still a gap between the best of the "Central North Island Championship" players and the very top players. Althought this gap is closing. Hopefully if we can prevent anymore local (central) players from going insane we may get a player in the top list at some stage !?