Saturday, October 23, 2010

Important Olympiad positions

The following position is from FM Smith 2282 - GM Ragger 2628
Smith has currently outplayed his much higher opponent to reach this position, the game ended in a draw but how can white now increase his advantage here to almost ensure the full point?
It must be noted in 2001 GM Ragger was a 2104 rated Junior. Not bad improvement


Anonymous said...

Rybka suggests 1.Be6 Kxh6 2.Bxa2 Rxa2 3.Rxf7 Bg5 4.Rxc2 for a score of 2.67

Anonymous said...

We (the open team) found this Be6!! idea while looking over Bob's game during the evening. Nice to see that it actually works, but I would consider it a bit of a random shot to pin all responsibility for the draw on. Bob could probably have won this game in a more simple manner somewhere along if he had foreseen his opponents (Yes, they were very difficult to see over the board) devious drawing plan coming.

Mathew said...

Be6!! is just a nice tactic and it would "almost ensure the full point", but of course even after that
53.gxf4 or 57. Kg1 or 60.Bd5 all give white good winning chances.
A win for Bob wouldn't have changed the match result but just been a good personal win for him.