Friday, April 17, 2009

Sydney International Open

The Parramatta chess festival has come to a close with an exciting finish that left 4 players tied at the top on 7/9 Aus GM Johansen Darryl K Aus IM Xie George Wendi IND GM Kunte Abhijit and ENG GM Jones Gawain C B (although according to GM Ian Rogers here he is now living in NZ!).
GM Daryl Johansen was awarded the SIO title on tiebreak and the four players shared $10,000.
Full results here
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New Zealand's best performer was Hilton Bennett who I believe was the only NZ'er to have a positive performance.


Chris Burns said...

M Staedman also competed and got same score as Bennett.5/9.

Mathew said...

yes Steadman finished on 5 but his expected ratings performance was negative as were all other NZ players.