Monday, April 13, 2009

North Island Championship

Congratulations to IM Russell Dive for winning the North Island Championship.

Russel Won his first 6 straight games beating his main rivals FM Bob Smith and Michael Steadman. Zhang was able to hold Dive to a draw in round 7 and in round 8 Goodhue was offered a half point present, ensuring first place.

The field had a reasonable 31 entries but was boosted by many strong players over 2000. 5 of the top 11 players in the country made it.


Anonymous said...

Where is Crosstable with results ?

Anonymous said...

Official wellington chess club and NZCF will have that information.

Anonymous said...

Round up of event on Wellington Chess Club Website -

Amazing result for young Alan Ansell

How did the Palmerston and Wanganui boys go ?

Chris Burns said...

The results have just being put up on the results page of NZ Chess.Top scores for Wanganui and Palmy were J Mcdonald 4/8, C Burns 4/8 and M King 4/8.Pity no pgn file of games was supplied.

Anonymous said...

Thursday, 23 April 2009 21:08
Rating 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

1 Russell Dive 2412 W6 W17 W3 W8 W2 W14 D04 D07 7.0
2 Bob Smith 2323 W15 W22 D10 W9 L1 W05 W03 W08 6.5
3 Michael Steadman 2282 W20 W14 L1 W22 W13 W11 L02 W10 6.0
4 Pengali Zhang 2097 W28 D8 D17 W26 L14 W13 D01 W11 5.5
5 Brian Nijman 2141 W25 L9 L8 W24 W6 L02 W26 W15 5.0
6 Martin Hill 1913 L1 L12 W30 W21 L5 W28 W13 W09 5.0
7 Nathan Goodhue 1897 L8 W19 W31 L14 D22 W17 W16 D01 5.0
8 Nic Croad 2328 W7 D4 W5 L1 W17 W09 D11 L02 5.0
9 Alan Ansell 1568 W13 W5 D11 L2 W10 L08 W22 L06 4.5
10 Daniel Baider 2188 W21 W26 D2 L11 L9 W27 W14 L03 4.5
11 Stephen Lukey 2270 W23 W16 D9 W10 D L03 D08 L04 4.5
12 Vivian Smith 1595 L17 W6 L16 L15 D30 W W21 W14 4.5
13 Chris Burns 2099 L9 W18 W20 W16 L3 L04 L06 W22 4.0
14 John McDonald 2077 W30 L3 W15 W7 W4 L01 L10 L12 4.0
15 Matthew King 1885 L2 W28 L14 W12 L26 W25 W18 L05 4.0
16 Michael Nyberg 1966 W27 L11 W12 L13 W20 D L07 D17 4.0
17 Quentin Johnson 2109 W12 L1 D4 W19 L8 L07 W20 D16 4.0
18 Ross Jackson 1972 D19 L13 L25 W28 D21 W23 L15 W27 4.0
19 Simon Lyall 1274 D18 L7 W27 L17 D25 L20 W W26 4.0
20 Simon Ward 1717 L3 W30 L13 W25 L16 W19 L17 W28 4.0
21 Federico Roura 1630 L10 W29 L22 L6 D18 W30 L12 W31 3.5
22 Gavin Marner 2004 W24 L2 W21 L3 D7 W26 L09 L13 3.5
23 Neil Cruden 1671 L11 W24 L26 W31 L27 L18 D25 W29 3.5
24 Gary Judkins 1386 L22 L23 W L5 L28 W29 D27 W30 3.5
25 Lawrence Farrington 1603 L5 D27 W18 L20 D19 L15 D23 W 3.5
26 Bill Forster 1953 W31 L10 W23 L4 W15 L22 L05 L19 3.0
27 Hans Gao 1268 L16 D25 L19 W29 W23 L10 D24 L18 3.0
28 Robert Mitchell 1551 L4 L15 W29 L18 W24 L06 W31 L20 3.0
29 Winston Yao 1215 W L21 L28 L27 W31 L24 D30 L23 2.5
30 Hamish Shierlaw 1403 L14 L20 L6 W D12 L21 D29 L24 2.0
31 Ryan Lee L26 W L7 L23 L29 D L28 L21 1.5