Sunday, February 15, 2009

Kamsky - Topalov Match

Previous encounters

Tournament Date Gata Kamsky Veselin Topalov
3rd M-Tel Masters Sofia BUL 19.05.2007 1/2 1/2
3rd M-Tel Masters Sofia BUL 14.05.2007 1/2 1/2
2nd M-Tel Masters Sofia BUL 20.05.2006 0 1
2nd M-Tel Masters Sofia BUL 15.05.2006 0 1
Corus A Wijk aan Zee NED 14.01.2006 0 1
Closed GM Dos Hermanas ESP 27.05.1996 0 1
Closed GM Las Palmas ESP 1994 1/2 1/2
12th Closed GM Linares ESP 1994 1/2 1/2

Topalov is a clear favourite on paper, he is the No. 1 world rating's list at 2796 while Kamsky is further back at number 17 rated 2725. Topalov also has a clear lead in all their previous encounters. Kamsky however has only recently made a return to professional chess and his losses to Topalov excluding one was during the period of his comeback trial. Topalov is still my pick to win but anything is possible in match play. For example, who would have thought Anand would crush Kramnik in their match last year.

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