Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Chess Olympiad Dresden08

The Chess Olympiad in Dresden running from the 12th to the 25th promises to a very exciting event with many of the top players in the world including the current world champion, whoever that may be after Anand- Kramnik match in October.
Russia has the highest team elo average of 2750, New Zealand also has a strong team including it's only GM to date Murray Chandler.

November 12 Opening Ceremony 8 pm
November 12 Arbiters Meeting 10 pm
November 12 Ranking of Teams 11 pm
November 13 Captains Meeting 9 am
November 13 Publication of TeamPairings for Round 1 9.45 am
November 13 Submission of Round Team List for Round 1 10.15 am
November 13 Publication of Individual Pairings for Round 1 11.45 am
November 13 Round 1 3 pm
November 14 Round 2 3 pm
November 15 Round 3 3 pm
November 16 Round 4 3 pm
November 17 Round 5 3 pm
November 18 Free Day
November 19 Round 6 3 pm
November 20 Round 7 3 pm
November 21 Round 8 3 pm
November 22 Round 9 3 pm
November 23 Round 10 3 pm
November 24 Free Day
November 25 Round 11 (Last) 10 am
How does Vassily Ivanchuk get ready for the Chess Olympiad?
Vassily: I will analyse games of Anand, Kramnik and other board one players who will come into considerations, I don’t think there will be a great difference to how my colleagues prepare.
An issue that caught my interest also when talking to your elite colleagues: How strong could a team of excellent grandmasters be if they would all practice together?
Vassiliy: That might be true, but consider that, by the end of the day, we all are still competitors.
How will you perform in Dresden?
Vassily: We will fight, we will be strong and we can win if we are on the ball. We did it 2004!

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