Tuesday, January 22, 2008

A great chess festival in Wijk

The tournament in Wijk is reaching its end. One of the 5 strongest tournaments of all time, the B and C groups are also very strong and an honorary group with Korchnoi, Timman, Portisch and Ljubojevic. Can this tournament be any bigger...yes actually Karpov is also there as a special guest.

Round 10 - Wednesday the 23rd
L. van Wely - M. Carlsen

V. Anand - P. Leko

V. Kramnik - B. Gelfand

T. Radjabov - V. Topalov

S. Mamedyarov - J. Polgar

P. Eljanov - V. Ivanchuk

M. Adams - L. Aronian

Round 11 - Friday the 25th
L. Aronian - L. van Wely

V. Ivanchuk - M. Adams

J. Polgar - P. Eljanov

V. Topalov - S. Mamedyarov

B. Gelfand - T. Radjabov

P. Leko - V. Kramnik

M. Carlsen - V. Anand

Round 12 - Saturday the 26th
L. van Wely - V. Anand

V. Kramnik - M. Carlsen

T. Radjabov - P. Leko

S. Mamedyarov - B. Gelfand

P. Eljanov - V. Topalov

M. Adams - J. Polgar

L. Aronian - V. Ivanchuk

Round 13 - Sunday the 27th
V. Ivanchuk - L. van Wely

J. Polgar - L. Aronian

V. Topalov - M. Adams

B. Gelfand - P. Eljanov

P. Leko - S. Mamedyarov

M. Carlsen - T. Radjabov

V. Anand - V. Kramnik

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