Saturday, December 10, 2011

4th Gordon Hoskyn Memorial

Grandmaster Clash

The debate for the title of "Strongest Chess Club in New Zealand" hotted up yesterday at the 4th Gordon Hoskyn Memorial Rapid in Palmerston North.
Palmerston North Star players have been dominating NZ Chess of late. Wellington Club fearing Palmy top players GM Mark Noble and FM "Big Ben" Hague, sparing no expense cunningly brought in a ringer, a big ringer, former World Champion no less! former World junior under 20 Champion GM Helgi Gretarrsson (2462) from Iceland !
This brought an very exciting Grandmaster vs Grandmaster Clash with palmy's own local GM, in small little outback palmy, a place regarded as an intellectual backwoods by the big centres, a mighty battle unfolded. If this wasn't exciting enough two more titled players had also shown up including the Current New Zealand Champion IM Ker.
Sadly absent was one of Palmy's best FM "Big Ben" Hague rumored to have been kidnapped by NZ Grand Prix staff in order to avoid giving him Grand Prix points.

Prize winners


1st GM Helgi Gretarrsson (2462)
2nd IM Anthony Ker (2375)
3rd= FM Scott Wastney (2283)
John McDonald (2029)
Michael Nyberg (2026)

1st= Ross Jackson
Justin Davis
Mathew King
Bill Forster
Jack James
Chris Smith
James Stewart

1st Jack James
2nd= Layla Timergazi
Nicholas Moore
Brent Cooze

"17 out of 22 players received prizes including grade and upsets prizes"

More results to follow.

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