Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Olympiad 2010 Round one

Pictures from the opening ceremony

Please note pairings are not in colour order.


Board 18

91 New Zealand (NZL)-18 Cuba (CUB)

FM Smith Robert W 2282 - GM Bruzon Batista Lazaro 2679

FM Steadman Michael 2309 - GMQuesada Perez Yuniesky 2614

FM Croad Nicolas 2297 - GM Corrales Jimenez Fidel 2599

Han Daniel 2200 - GM Hernandez Carmenates Holden 2563

New Zealand lost all games


Board 12

70 New Zealand (NZL) - 13 Slovenia (SLO)

WFM Milligan Helen2033 - WGMKrivec Jana 2309

WIM Maroroa Sue 1981 - WGMKaps Darja 2300

WCM Chen Eachen 1966 - WIMRozic Vesna 2289

WFM Fairley Natasha 1777 - WFMBajt Indira 2204
Natasha and Sue drew but NZ lost 1-3


Anonymous said...

ICC, Chessdom and Susan Polgar blog only have the top games from the round but ....

you can watch the Kiwi's live on the offical site !

Anonymous said...

Outstanding results from WIM Sue Maroroa for her draw with a Womens Grandmaster rated 319 points above her and WFM Natasha Fairley for her win against a WFM rated 427 points above her !!!

Although the mens team got crushed against a super strong Cuba side, the Womens team did an amazing job against a team seeded 13th, to the Kiwi's 70th seeded position

Outstanding, congrats to the Kiwi's girls

Anonymous said...

arrgghh... I may have spoken to soon Natasha just blundered with 67...d2 ?? in a super winning position by giving away one of her passed pawns for free

Tragic, so tragic she had played the ending very well. Looks like draw is likely, which is still a super result against a very strong player