Saturday, August 21, 2010

3rd Gordon Hoskyn Memorial Rapid Tournament

21st August 2010 - 3rd Gordon Hoskyn Memorial Rapid, Palmerston North

1st Justin Davis
2nd= Mathew King IM Anthony Ker

1st Daniel Yuan
2nd= Micheal Yuan, David Bell, Jack James

Upset prizes
1.James Stewart (1754) - for win against IM Anthony Ker (2363)
2.Jack James (1384) - for win against David Capper (1642)
3.Cerdic Backhouse (1406) - for win against David Capper (1642)
4. Mathew King (1832) - for win against John McDonald (2042)
5. Justin Davis (1909) - for draw against IM Anthonuy Ker (2363)

Directors of Play :- Stewart Holdaway and Dennis Davey

Special thanks to Stewart Holdaway for the excellent job done as tournament director, general organising and sponsoring of this event.

A-GradeRound Robin
Name Rating Total

1 Davis,Justin 1909 4/5
2 King, Mathew 1832 3.5/5
3 IM Ker,Anthony 2363 3.5/5
4 Smith,Chris 1863 2/5
5 Stewart,James 1754 1/5
6 McDonald,John 2042 1/5

No Name Loc Total 1 2 3 4 5

Yuan, Daniel 1549 4.5
Yuan, Micheal 1528 3
Bell, David 1571 3
James, Jack 1384 3
Brockway, Andrew 1624 2.5
Capper, David 1642 2
Backhouse, Cedric 1406 2
Luo, Brian 953 0

Due to unforeseen circumstances this years tournament was a slight change from last year. The A-grade was a 5 round robin and the B grade a small 8 player swiss. . The tournament was a great success but next year will probably bring a return to the open format. Unfortunately due to the blog format I cannot bring a complete crosstable easily but in case your wondering IM Ker lost to James Stewart in the first round and drew with Davis in the second leaving the tournament wide open for an unlikey winner. Congratulations to all who managed to come away with a prize.
Complete results to be found here also


CivIcChessMan said...

Were there any reasons why numbers attending this year's tournament (14) were so dramatically down on 2008 (45) and 2009 (56)?

Palmy Chess said...

Good Question. The sudden and unexpected retirement from all chess of the tournaments main supporter/backer/sponsor who it goes without saying was the main powerhouse behind the event left the remaining officials with big shoes to fill at short notice. Rather than cancel the event the Palmerston North Club Captain Stewart Holdaway decided to keep the event going with a smaller event this year, with the A-grade being a round robin with the strongest players invited in the surrounding areas ( Palmerston North, Wanganui, and Hawkes Bay) and the current NZ Champion ! Along with a B-grade for other keen players and promising juniors players. Not to mention Stewart give up his place in the event, to be DOP and covered all the manys costs in running such an event. So hats off to his great efforts which saved the event from cancellation.

Next years event will be back to the large big open swiss which in 2008 and 2009 was one of the best if not the best rapid in New Zealand.

Anonymous said...

The original idea was for the A and B grade to be 6 player round robin events. The B grade was changed to a swiss at the last moment as it is always difficult to turn people away. Many people seemed to not read the details of the tournament.