Friday, December 5, 2008

Palmerston North Club Championship

B Grade Final Standings

1st J. Van Vuuren 8/10
2nd F. Visser 7/10
3rd J. Young 5/10
4th R. Kim 4.5/5
5th T. Kim 3.5/5
6th D. Kweon 2/10

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Anonymous said...

hi, I accidentally stumbled across your blog, and it brought back some memories. I recognise some of the names for the PN chess club results you posted...I used to be club captain there many many years ago.
I havent played chess for about a decade, but its good to see the club is still alive. How many members do you have there now?
Anyway, say hello to the old timers there...from Rafael Olmedo, now living in welly. :-)
all the best