Saturday, July 5, 2008

Olympiad 08

New Zealand Olympiad Teams Announced

The NZCF selectors have chosen the following players to represent New Zealand in Dresden (not necessarily in board order):

Open team: Murray Chandler, Puchen Wang, Russell Dive, Bob Smith, and Roger Nokes. 1st Reserve: Stephen Lukey, 2nd Reserve Michael Steadman.

Women's team: Helen Milligan, Sue Maroroa, Judy Gao, Vivian Smith, Natasha Fairley. 1st Reserve: Evgenia Charmova, 2nd Reserve: Cecily Liu.

Open team Captain : Hilton Bennett

Women's team Captain: John McDonald

The Olympiad will take place from 13th-25th November 2008 in Dresden, Germany.

John McDonald (Pictured) is Wanganui's first Olympian in quite a number of year's and hopefully local club's will support him and the team by donating money.
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