Friday, May 30, 2008

Palmerston North Club News

A 10/10 6 round Swiss tournament was held recently with Charles Ker and Justin Davis sharting first. In their head to head match up Charles was able to best Justin in a fiery battle and seemed to have the tournament wrapped up. Dennis Davey the Club President was all that stood in Charlie's way heading into the final round. With a rating difference of 800+ in favour of Charles noone was more surprised than Dennis when Charles left his Queen En prise and was duly mated.

5/6 Charles Ker, Justin Davis
4/6 Johan, Denis Davey, Stewart Holdaway
3.5/6 Stephen Taylor
3/6 Juyoung
2/6 Edwin, John Young, Damon, Ricky
1.5/6 Frank Visser
1/6 Luke
.5/6 Terry, Jonathan
0/6 Bailey

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