Thursday, April 10, 2008

Burnham Cup Match Wanganui v Palmerston North

The 19th of April is the date of the first Burnham cup match this year between Wanganui and Palmerston North. After the complete shambles of the Combined match versus Wellington each region is looking for a win to ease the pain.


Mr Sims said...

It would have been good if thewriter of this blog had turned up to the match. Then boards 3-10 would have been pushed down one and we feel victory would have been ours.

Mathew said...

Perhaps this is correct Mr Sims, unfortunately due to my son being hospitalised I was unable too attend and informed the club captain that this may be the case.
I do feel that everyone who scored less than 50% failed and my absence does not reflect the poor form shown by these players.

Mr Sims said...

I hope your son is well. The captain did not tell us this fact. He also did not say you had contacted him. Of course your absence is understandable and I would have done the same as family comes first! And you are right, we should still have beaten them without you. With you later in the year we will crush them! All the best.