Friday, February 1, 2008

2008 Gibtelecom Chess Festival

In a striking come back Nakamura defeated Bu in a playoff match to take first place at the 2008 Gibtelecom Chess Festival. After taking a beating from our aussie friend IM Zhoa Zong-Yuan (who now apparently has achieved his last GM norm and will soon be Australia‘s third GM). Nakamura swept aside everyone who dared cross his path. Bu looked to have the tournament wrapped up after 8 rounds having only dropped ½ a point but a loss to Efimenko in round 9 and a draw in round 10 gave Nakamura his chance who won both his games to catch up.
The format for the tie was 2 blitz games at 10 10 and a 3rd Armageddon game of 5m v 4m if needed. Nakamura blitz skills have famously been honed at ICC and he has the highest rating of all time on this site somewhere around 3700. Both games were of course Slav openings Nakamura Won the first so the pressure was on Bu in the Second. Bu had his chances but Nakamura was able to hold out and even win the last game.
The kiwi flag was flying by the efforts of A. Compton who finished on 5/10.

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